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Humana Pharmacy makes it easy

Stop waiting in line. Use a first-class pharmacy that delivers safety and service right to your mailbox.

Have questions about medicine disposal? Learn how to properly throw out your medicine.

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Humana Pharmacy® can meet your prescription needs-right here and right now!

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Humana Pharmacy is easy

Fill your prescriptions or switch prescriptions to us. Visit us online or use our mobile apps. Enjoy our high level of safety and accuracy and see how our personal pharmacy approach makes things easy for you.

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Patient assistance programs

Humana Specialty Pharmacy understands the cost of specialty medicine can impact your well-being. We can help identify programs to help cover the cost.

Some of your pills have a new look

It's the same pill you've always taken with the same ingredients, but with an updated look. Compare your new and old pills side by side.

Take your meds to stay healthy

If you're not following your doctor's orders, you may not be as healthy as you could be. Stay on track with mail delivery.